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a tendency that precedes
    not the obscure not the unformed
       but that which is apprehended only as it is transformed
a creative in-between*

an in-between journal of transformative tendency at the creative crossroads
of philosophy, art, and


Inflexions is an open-acess journal for research-creation sponsored by the Sense Lab. It publishes articles, short texts of various genres including poetry and ficto-theory, images, sound, and other multimedia content. We invite writing and/or other forms of expression actively exploring such issues as: (inter/trans/non) disciplinarity; the emergence of new modes of collaboration; micropolitics and the life and death of institutions; creativity, subjectivity and collectivity in cultural production; the ethics of aesthetics; the aesthetic as ethics. The goal is to promote experimental practices combining research and creation in such a way as to foster symbiotic links between philosophical inquiry, technological innovation, artistic production, and social and political engagement. Of continuing concern will be how these efforts may renew and recast relations between the concrete and the abstract, perception and conception, the body and technology. We hope the journal will become a tool for thinkers, builders, artists, informal groupings, and institutions to develop a mutually sustaining and enriching dialogue around these issues.

We encourage inter/trans/non disciplinary work, both individual and collaborative, that is not content to critique or negate existing models but affirms the value of creation in the research process. We also encourage authors to embrace the technical possibilities of the Web, and to test the limits of of academic writing, by considering integrating their writing with other forms of expression.

Inflexions issues are built around special-edited thematic clusters and invited contributions. Articles may be in English or French. All those potentially interested in contributing should contact the editorial collective at inflexionsjournal@gmail.com.

www.inflexions.org [Editorial Collective] [Advisory Board]
Inflexions is a member of the Directory of Open-Access Journals
ISSN 1916-5870

The Sense Lab gratefully acknowledges the collaboration of the Society for Art and Technology, the Art & D Laboratory of the University of Montreal, and the Workshop in Radical Empiricism.

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A thought is a tremendous mode of excitement. Like a stone thrown into a pond it disturbs the whole surface of our being. But this image is inadequate. For we should conceive the ripples as effective in the creation of the plunge of the stone into the water. The ripples release the thought, and the thought augments and distorts the ripples. In order to understnand the essence of thought we must study its relations to the ripples amid which it emerges.**

* After Bernard Cache (after Deleuze/Guattari, after Leibniz)
** Alfred North Whitehead

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